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The "Apranga" Group is a team of energetic and fashion-loving people. We are more than 2,000 strong and we are #DifferentButUnited. We value everyone who wants to join us, develop, and grow together. We employ young people and students, helping them find their career path and discover the world of fashion. We also highly value our long-standing loyal employees who have successfully found their place with us. The „Apranga“ group is the largest clothing retail network in the Baltic States, working with the most famous and strongest brands in the fashion world.
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While working in "Apranga" Group I am most impressed by the flexibility and the management's attention to employees. I believe that it is important for every young person who lives in the 21st century to be able to combine work with studies or other activities. Much of this depends on the attitude of the managers, who sincerely consider each employee's individual needs and interests.


 „Zara“ Sales assistant

Aesthetics, creativity, challenges and results are the things that drive me. Work in "Apranga" Group is inseparable from any of them. I have the opportunity to constantly learn and improve, to acquire skills that help me not only at work, but also in additional activities. After all, they say that a person is happy when he loves what he does. So if you ask what I like most about work, the answer would be that I am happy!


„Stradivarius“ Visual merchandiser

For those who would like to join our team, I would advise to be bold, proactive, eager to learn, unafraid of making mistakes, and committed to improve. In "Apranga“ Group there are constant changes and innovations along with various projects so it's important to be able to adapt and, of course, get involved. Don't hesitate to express your ideas and opinions because everyone‘s input is truly valued here. Together, we are #differentbutunited!"


„Oysho“ Store manager

While working in "Apranga Group, I am motivated by the company's approach towards employees. When I moved from one city to another, the company provided me the opportunity to continue working. Additionally, I have met wonderful people - colleagues and customers - whose positive feedback about our products brings me great joy. It is because of these people that I can sincerely say that I go to work as if it were a celebration.


 „Sandro“ Sales assistant